e2open’s Supply Chain SaaS Updates Help Firms Reduce Operational Risks with Deeper Visibility

Cloud-based supply chain solution provider e2open has updated its SaaS platform offering to help companies reduce operational risks by offering early detection of potential supply chain disruptions.

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e2open has updated its cloud-based supply chain solution platform to help companies reduce operational risks by offering early detection of potential supply chain disruptions.


The e2open 23.1 technology release includes technologies to boost visibility into potential disruptions caused by

  • Extreme weather conditions which can delay or disrupt global shipments
  • Serialized tracking of inventory age (and shelf-life) to minimize waste and obsolescence
  • Compliance with the latest sanctions to avoid “at risk” shipments and protect companies from trading “controlled goods” with banned countries

"Increased economic uncertainties compounded by geo-political risks, climate events, and the lingering effects of the pandemic have made businesses more vulnerable to disruptions," said Pawan Joshi, e2open’s executive vice president of product management and strategy. The e2open 23.1 technology release is designed “to provide more ways to gain early visibility and take proactive actions to minimize financial liability or even avoid impacts altogether.”  


This includes visibility to potential disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions that might impact global orders and shipments, serialized tracking of inventory to minimize waste and obsolescence in the channel, and compliance with the latest sanctions to protect companies from trading controlled goods such as advanced semiconductors with sanctioned countries or transacting with entities connected to human rights violations, Joshi added.


Among noteworthy technology enhancements in e2open's 23.1 are:

Intelligent automation features to support a comprehensive milestone framework and rules engine, which can proactively triggers corrective actions on in-transit at-risk shipments to remediate potential delivery delays.


Easier integration with enhanced and new channel data management APIs.


Faster configuration using a new channel data management rule framework.
Access to rich, real-time, multi-enterprise data to let users adopt outside-in planning and improve.

An updated “supply risk dashboard” that can display current and forecasted world weather data.


With easy access to integration-ready reports, shippers can now capture the delivered volume of goods reported by carriers, require carriers reports and integrate volume data into their ERP system.


Centralized carrier management tools to enable rapid connectivity with global and local carriers for parcel shippers.

E2net is e2open’s scalable, multi-enterprise cloud-based network, empowering you to connect all trading partners and logistics providers across all tiers and ecosystems, then focus on the larger picture of opportunities and risks that you and your partners tackle together.

A Closer Look at e2open's Supply Chain Technology Offering

e2open provides a cloud-based platform for businesses to optimize supply chain processes and orchestrate end-to-end alignment, visibility and responsiveness. The e2open platform sprots a comprehensive suite of features, including the following:


Extensive Supply Chain Network
e2open's supply chain business network extends over 415,000 enterprises and trading partners across multiple tiers. It orchestrates over 10 billion transactions annually between parties. This extensive network allows businesses to collaborate with their partners across the supply chain to drive efficiency and agility.


Reusable Connections
Multi-tenant connectivity and the ability to "connect once and reuse" is a powerful feature of e2open's network. This feature enables businesses to leverage the power of the network for fast time-to-value and low total cost of ownership. Instead of having to establish new connections with each partner, businesses can simply reuse their existing connections to the network.


Integrated Data Model
e2open's integrated data model (IDM) is based on a canonical approach. This means it normalizes data from multiple enterprises to create a digital twin of the physical supply chain. The digital twin is ready for informed decision-making. The IDM provides a single version of the truth for supply chain data. This helps businesses make better decisions and respond more quickly to changing market conditions.


Support Across Ecosystems
e2open's network spans all ecosystems, including downstream channel partners, upstream supply partners, logistics partners for moving goods, and global trade partners for crossing borders. The network provides support across the entire supply chain. This helps businesses manage complexity and gain visibility across their operations.


Efficient Onboarding
e2open's network allows businesses to rapidly incorporate all suppliers, trading partners, and customers into a single, secure network. The onboarding process is efficient and helps businesses to manage rollout programs of any size. This enables businesses to achieve faster time-to-value and realize the benefits of the network more quickly.


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Integration
e2open's network offers easy integration with nearly any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It provides a predefined connector for quick, secure, and reliable connectivity. The SAP-certified adapter for S/4HANA and ECC is included, which allows businesses to extract and insert data with ease.