SentinelOne Expands DataSet Technologies for Container, Cloud-Native Security

SentinelOne is expanding its DataSet technology to make it easier for developers to secure and troubleshoot their cloud-native, Kubernetes and DevOps projects.

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SentinelOne, a cybersecurity solutions provider, is expanding its DataSet technology to simplify securing and troubleshooting for cloud-native, Kubernetes and DevOps developers.

  • DataSet Kubernetes Explorer delivers real-time visibility into applications and infrastructure metrics, events, and contextual logs in a single solution at a low cost.
  • XDR Ingest extends SentinelOne’s Storyline and Storyline Active Response (STAR) technology to deliver a unified, cloud-native platform for log data of all types at petabyte scale

With DataSet Kubernetes Explorer, DevOps and engineering teams obtain deeper management and performance observability for modern Kubernetes environments, according to Rahul Ravulur, general manager of DataSet, at SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company. 


With these insights, teams can easily understand the interdependencies of Kubernetes components, detect performance issues, uncover root causes, and quickly resolve them.

Notable Features for DataSet Kubernetes Explorer 9

  • Cluster Overview: Cluster Overview is the at-a-glance view that provides visibility into all clusters, infrastructure – nodes, pods, containers running in each cluster, and applications. Users can filter or search into individual components in mere seconds. 
  • Nodes and Pods Overview: Lets users visualize provisioned capacity and critical performance characteristics such as CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk performance across clusters using pre-built, curated dashboards. 
  • Troubleshooting Kubernetes Errors: In distributed systems such as Kubernetes, errors can occur anywhere within the stack, and troubleshooting becomes time-consuming when teams have to inspect the health of individual components and manually stitch context.

SentinelOne XDR Ingest Updates ‘Extended Detection and Response’

SentinelOne’s XDR Ingest provides a scalable data platform to ingest, retain, correlate, search, and action all enterprise security data – real-time and historical, from any source. XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is an approach to threat detection and response that provides holistic protection against cyberattacks, unauthorized access and misuse.


“SIEM requires too many operators and too much manual interaction to be effective at scale. XDR Ingest solves inherent people, process, and technology challenges, and we’re excited for our customers to thrive in the XDR era,” said SentinelOne president, security Nicholas Warner, in a statement. 


XDR Ingest looks to overcome shortcomings of ingestion data schema requirements and index querying limitations. XDR Ingest allows organizations to:

  • Retain and process massive amounts of data in real-time 
  • Deliver log management, 
  • Provide complete data visibility and 
  • Offer autonomous threat detection and response 

Dataset is SentinelOne’s fully integrated single platform data analytics engine. It offers an enterprise infrastructure for live data queries, analytics, insights, and retention. The technology supports data professionals DevOps professionals. 


SentinelOne’s DataSet provides:

  • An efficient cloud-native architecture to minimize cost and maximize output. 
  • Sub-second query performance powered by a patented parallel processing architecture. 
  • Ingest hundreds of terabytes without requiring node rebalancing, storage management, or resource reallocation. 

SentinelOne’s cybersecurity solution encompasses AI-powered prevention, detection, response and hunting across endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices in a single autonomous platform.