Actian Avalanche Delivers Customer 360 Real-time Analytics Solution

Actian’s latest cloud-based service will let companies obtain real-time customer intelligence from distributed data across silos across their business.  IDN looks at Actian Avalanche Customer 360 solution.

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Hybrid cloud data analytics firm Actian is shipping a new solution to simplify and accelerate the delivery of customer insights. 


The Actian Avalanche Customer 360 analytics solution enables companies to rapidly personalize the customer experience. It does so by using a variety of data-driven approaches, including: micro-segmentation, holistic customer profiles, next-best action and market basket analysis.


Notably, Actian's Avalanche Customer 360 is a service built upon Actian's Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse and lets companies easily leverage data across multiple silos.  


Actian's Customer 360 solution also enables organizations to quickly and dynamically transform diverse data into useful analytics. These types of customer insight would help companies improve their customer acquisition and retention, said Vikas Mathur, Actian's senior vice present of products.  


"Organizations need to react quickly to changes in buyer behavior, but data silos and the lack of strategic, easy-to-use analytical tools are holding them back," Mathur said, adding. "Actian's Avalanche Customer 360 Real-time Analytics bridges the gap, giving workers of all technical abilities valuable tools they can use to harness existing data sources to generate actionable insight in the business moment." 


Avalanche data can be migrated easily, which enables users to stay connected to tools they were using to analyze and visualize Customer 360 data, Mathur added. 


Recent research also supports companies' need to improve how to render diverse raw data into deep and rapid customer insights.


451 Research's Sheryl Kingstone noted, "Data silos are really a barrier to implementing Customer 360 in this data-driven customer experience economy." She added that today, data silos "are rampant" across industries, with large organizations having at least eleven-plus silos of customer data. But data sprawl is not just a problem for the largest companies. "Even small organizations have five, six, or seven silos of customer data," Kingstone added. 

Benefits of Actian Avalanche Customer 360  

With Actian Avalanche Customer 360, companies can do the following:  

  • Quickly aggregate and act on customer data: Avalanche's built-in AvalancheConnect self-service data integration enables organizations to easily access their customer data with zero coding or external tools. 
  • Gain real-time customer insights across data silos: Create compelling customer experiences and identify new customer and revenue opportunities. 
  • Accelerate time to value: Actian offers a comprehensive set of Customer 360 accelerator services to ensure predictable, rapid solution deployments both on-premise, in the cloud or across a combination of both environments. 
  • Increase revenue and customer value: Maximize customer insight to increase revenue while reducing traditional CRM vendor lock-in both on-premise and in the cloud.

An Actian datasheet also described how Actian Avalanche Customer 360 Real-time Analytics also supports a broad range of data-facing assets in use at many large and mid-sized companies.  

Actian Avalanche Customer 360 Real-time Analytics enables teams to use best-of-breed business intelligence (BI), visualization, and machine learning (ML) solutions from organizations such as DataRobot, Jupyter, IBM Cognos, Looker, Tableau, and others to develop the actionable insights CXM efforts require. 


The aggregation and analytical features of Actian Customer 360 Real-time Analytics also enable [companies] to overcome the limitations inherent in many of the analytical tools already [in use] (such as native analytical tools focused only on a specific ERP or CRM system, or those optimized to perform analyses on one particular data lake). 


With Actian Customer 360 Real-time Analytics [users] can construct new models based on raw data, reconcile multiple identities and personas from different systems, and gain insights that no single data repository could possibly provide. {Users] can enrich and improve the quality and completeness of customer profiles and then use those findings as the basis for both proactive and reactive engagements.

Users can also use Actian Customer 360 Real-time Analytics' data aggregation and analytical features to better understand the "customer journey," sentiment analysis, "voice of the customer," or how to differentiate the customer experience company said. 


Actian's Avalanche cloud data warehouse with its new Customer 360 Real-time Analytics solution runs on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Data can be migrated easily to Avalanche, enabling users to stay connected to tools they used to analyze and visualize Customer 360 data.