Amazon, Slack Team Up Promote Collaboration, Productivity for Distributed Cloud Teams

Amazon Web Services is teaming up Slack Technologies to make it easier for distributed teams to more efficiently work on AWS projects from within Slack.

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Amazon Web Services is teaming up Slack Technologies to make it easier for distributed teams to more efficiently work on AWS projects from within Slack. 


Under the multi-year agreement, Slack will migrate its Slack Calls capability for all voice and video calling to Amazon Chime, which lets users meet, chat, and place business calls. 


“The future of enterprise software will be driven by the combination of cloud services and workstream collaboration tools,” said Slack CEO and co-founder Stewart Butterfield in a statement. “By integrating AWS services with Slack’s channel-based messaging platform, we’re helping teams easily and seamlessly manage their cloud infrastructure projects and launch cloud-based services without ever leaving Slack.”


Enterprise customers can rely on Slack’s channel-based messaging solution, combined with AWS’s proven infrastructure and security services, for secure, reliable, and scalable communication, Butterfield added. 


Slack and AWS will also extend product integration and deepen interoperability to help developer teams manage their AWS resources in Slack channels and Amazon Chime chat rooms with greater flexibility. 


These integrations include:


Amazon Chime infrastructure with Slack Calls: Amazon Chime SDK (software development kit) will soon enable audio, video, and screen-sharing within native Slack Calls


AWS Key Management Service with Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM): For EKM, Slack will leverage AWS Key Management Service and other AWS security services for distribution and control of cryptographic keys. This feature follows the release of EKM for Slack’s Workflow Builder automation tool, released last month.


AWS Chatbot integration with Slack: The AWS Chatbot service uses an interactive agent to help development teams stay updated, collaborate, and respond quickly to alerts and events for apps running in AWS accounts. Just recently released, AWS Chatbot is already in use by thousands of app development teams. In the future, the AWS Chatbot service will incorporate a range of more than 175 AWS services to enable teams to collaborate and manage cloud-based services without leaving Slack.


Amazon AppFlow integration with Slack: Amazon AppFlow integration for Slack lets users securely transfer data between Slack and AWS services, including popular Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift services. Amazon AppFlow will also simplify tasks such as analyzing trends in customer engagement from helpdesk requests or measuring sentiment data. AWS and Slack will enable the bi-directional transfer of data between multiple Slack channels and AWS services in a single flow.


These deeper AWS/Slack integrations will be enabled in large part by Slack's continued use of a wide range of AWS infrastructure capabilities and services, including storage, compute, database, security, analytics, and machine learning.

For its part, AWS will use Slack to simplify the way teams at AWS communicate and work together.


In a statement, AWS CEO Andy Jassey said this of the AWS/Slack partnership: 


“Together, AWS and Slack are giving developer teams the ability to collaborate and innovate faster on the front end with applications, while giving them the ability to efficiently manage their backend cloud infrastructure. AWS customers gain a powerful new means of managing their AWS resources that will help teams collaborate and build more applications using the broadest and deepest set of cloud services.”