Accenture myNav Cloud Network Looks to Speed Design, Simulations for Smarter, Smoother Cloud Adoption

Accenture has launched its myNav cloud platform to put enterprises on the right track for their cloud investments.  myNav leverages Accenture massive knowledge base and best practices to show companies how they can achieve successful cloud migrations – even before they start.

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Recent Accenture research reveals that nearly two-thirds of companies that invest in cloud migration projects don’t see the benefits they expected.  


Accenture has launched a new service, the Accenture myNav, a cloud platform backed up by real-world data that aims to put enterprises on the right track for their cloud investments – before they start. Further, myNav aims to reduce the disappointment that can arise when cloud efforts run overbudget, take too long, or deliver poor results.  


Accenture Technology Services’ group chief executive Bhaskar Ghosh, said myNav uses an extensive knowledge base from Accenture’s hands-on experiences and cloud practice.  


“We built myNav based on our knowledge repository of more than 30,000 cloud projects and over 80 industry solutions deployed worldwide in nearly every industry. myNav uses this repository to simulate optimal and scalable cloud architectures and solutions. By providing a more informed view and a calibrated cloud strategy for business transformation, myNav helps clients compete more effectively in today’s data-driven, cloud-enabled economy,” Ghosh said. 


In specific, the Accenture myNav Cloud Network looks to simplify and de-mystify the adoption of cloud for app and data projects. The new service sports features to support the design and simulation of various cloud solutions and allow customers to gather real data from these designs – before the project begins. Best of all, users can leverage that data, insight and knowledge to identify those cloud projects that will best fit specific business requirements.


Traditionally, identifying appropriate cloud solutions has been complicated due to several factors – availability of multiple cloud providers, lack of operational visibility and diverse cloud models for public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. 

Cloud success can also be elusive because such projects are hard to implement or operate at peak efficiency. 


With Accenture myNav Cloud Network, users can evaluate these multiple variables, and others, including an organization’s current technology assets -- infrastructure, apps, data, operational model, and business outcomes and KPIs. Accenture’s latest offering brings all these data points together to identify the best and proper solutions for an enterprise’s project.


It further can simulate the project at scale to confirm its viability – or refine the business case, where needed.  By providing a customized roadmap, myNav enables organizations to maximize the return on their current and future cloud technology investments. 


How myNav works 

Accenture’s myNav platform enables organizations to discover, assess, design, and simulate end-to-end cloud solutions at scale. myNav helps you navigate the cloud and select the right architecture and cloud solution to meet your specific business needs.


Operationally, Accenture’s solution has mined the data and information from its repository to guide organizations through key tasks proven crucial to cloud success, according to Ghosh. Among these tasks are

  • Discover and assess: A specific cloud infrastructure posture is recommended (Public, Private, Hybrid, etc.) based on strategic business needs.
  • Identify architecture: Recommended cloud architecture is identified using an automated AI engine to interact with Accenture’s cloud expertise repository.
  • Simulate and optimize: The recommended cloud solution is validated and optimized through simulation and testing at scale.

myNav recommends the application transformation approach for clients to accelerate their innovation in the cloud.  In use, Accenture’s myNav solution provides users a set of recommended cloud target projects using a three-step process: 

  • Scanning and assessing the client’s existing infrastructure, application and data landscape and recommending the most appropriate cloud architecture and solution;
  • Using an automated artificial intelligence (AI) engine to interact with Accenture’s library of collective cloud expertise to support solutions; and
  • Simulating and testing a scaled-up model of the client’s recommended cloud solution to identify the value and help build the business case for an optimal solution for their business requirements.

One analyst firm notes that Accenture’s myNav approach can help enterprises save time, money and aggravation when moving to the cloud. 


Everest Group vice president Yugal Joshi said, “Enterprises need solutions to not only ease their initiatives. . . in the cloud but also bring certainty in their cloud journey. They are struggling in deriving value from the cloud as they are not able to deeply assess what will work for them.” The problems get even more complex as multi-cloud designs become more popular, he added. 


One crucial way that enterprises can avoid investing in cloud projects that don’t work for their business, Joshi said, is to tap into Accenture’s library of proven best practices. “The key is to bring conviction in cloud adoption by learning from other adopters, leveraging advanced data insights, and creating contextualized cloud adoption strategies that can predict and guide what will work, what will not, and what are the changes needed for a transformative cloud journey,” he said.