Visure Solutions Delivers ‘All-in-One’ ALM Solution for Requirements Management

Visure Requirements ALM is adding features for full standard compliance of safety-critical and business-critical apps. Visure Solutions’ goal is to deliver a full requirements management lifecycle to help companies keep pace with growing complexity.

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Visure Solutions is shipping an enhanced ALM (application lifecycle management) solution that looks to help companies tackle head-on the growing number of issues related to requirements management. 


In specific, Visure Requirements ALM is adding features to support full standard compliance of safety-critical and business-critical applications, according to company CEO Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui.


The Visure Solutions ‘all-in-one requirements management’ ALM platform supports a full range of lifecycle technologies, including:

  • requirements management,
  • test management,
  • bug and issue tracking,
  • configuration and change management,
  • risk management,
  • variant management and
  • certification management.

“We have put requirements management in the center of this new ALM Platform. Our end-to-end requirements traceability is defined as a meta-model, allowing Visure ALM Platform to enforce and secure the traceability of any system,” Tadlaoui said in a statement.


"Requirements management is the first step that new systems and products have to go through in these industries. If this step is not properly handled, the chances that your projects might fail are huge,” he noted. Visure Solutions’ latest updates “gives our customers a more cohesive process while dramatically reducing costs, improving workflow between lifecycle phases, and facilitating compliance needs.”


How Visure Looks to ‘Fill the Gap’ in ALM Tools

The Visure Solutions platform aims to fill the growing gaps in the state of AML tools, Tadlaoui said. 


It supports a full ALM process for software, hardware, electrical, and mechanical components. Older ALM requirements tools can often be rigid, heavy-to-use, and multi-purpose, which makes them hard to adapt to requirements of modern applications and communication technologies, he noted.  


Visure Requirements ALM Platform deliver advanced standard compliance capabilities, and moreover couples them with a modern and innovative user experience (UI and UX), he added.


Visure Solutions CTO Fernando Valera also noted the rapidly changing nature and complexity of requirements management have put some companies into catch-up mode. 

"Many organizations that have been successful developing components in the past now face the challenge of having to develop multiple components and create bigger, more complex systems. This requires new systems engineering practices that were not standardized across the organization in the past, which, at the same time, requires a new generation of tools to support them, such as Visure’s new ALM platform,” he said.


On that note, the Visure Requirements ALM platform pays deep attention to many steps across the requirements management lifecycle – from discovery to delivery of a fully-tested, fully-compliant result. 


Visure Use Case for Requirements Management

One example of Visure Solutions’ thorough approach can be found in its approach to ‘requirements gathering,’ officials noted.


Visure Solutions’ requirement management features aim to help team members gather complete and precise requirements to deliver products that meet the customer needs and align business with engineering. It supports an automatic capture of elements from MS Word, MS Excel, ReqIF and other sources, in an intuitive way that allows not only automatic importing but a powerful round-trip of information.


In Visure Requirements ALM’s approach to requirements gathering:

  • All the artifacts (along with the block diagrams and workflows) allow users to define and follow from very simple to highly complex Requirements processes in just one single tool.
  • All the stakeholders can easily understand, follow and participate in the defined process.
  • Admins can enforce users to follow the process by customizing each element field and restricting traceability.
  • It also generates triggers to notify users about the status change of an element following its workflow: "Your requirements have been approved"

Other support in the Visure Requirements ALM platform are:

Requirements Management: This tool helps you to manage changes in the different phases of the lifecycle. Additionally, you will be able to perform change impact analysis and prioritize changes.


End-to-end Requirements Traceability: Visure Requirements ALM platform also helps to manage the traceability of all the artifacts. Uses can follow the life of a requirement through its development and specification, to its subsequent deployment and use, and through periods of ongoing refinement and iteration in any of these phases.


Requirements Verification:  This supports requirements verification by managing tests. It then manages the relationships, identifying which requirements have and have not been tested and pinpointing those tests that need to be re-run due to changes in the requirements.


Reusability: Visure Solutions Requirements supports sharing requirements and tests across projects. With this reusability support, users can develop a catalog of components which may be reused by other projects to create or update variants.


Requirements Report Generation: Users can generate any deliverables such as custom specifications, traceability matrices, glossaries or dashboards that may include all the information in the requirements database in almost any required format (PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML reports).

The Visure Solutions ALM's compliance management capability also offers customizable templates for standards compliance for a large number of standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 62304, GAMP5, FMEA, IEC 61508, CENELEC EN 50128, DO-178B/C, DO-254, ISO 13849 SPICE, and CMMI, as well as for a customer's specific standard.


Industries that will benefit the most from Visure Solutions' new ALM platform include aerospace and defense, automotive, medical device, railway, energy (oil, gas, wind, nuclear), industrial automation and robotics.