MicroPact’s entellitrak Low-Code App Platform Powers Illinois Opioid Alternative Pilot Program

Low-code platform provider MicroPact has delivered a case management solution to help Illinois health officials offer pain sufferers an alternative to opioids.  Thanks to its ‘Data First’ approach, MicroPact entellitrak enabled the Illinois program to build a process-centric apps that can automatically leverage existing data and models -- without coding.

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Low-code platform provider MicroPact has delivered a solution to help Illinois health officials offer pain sufferers an alternative to opioids.


The Illinois Department of Public Health’s Office of Health Promotion (OHPm) is using MicroPact’s entellitrak low-code application development platform for case management to support of a new program that provides access to medical cannabis for pain control. 


Last summer, A new Illinois law, Alternatives to Opioids Act of 2018, was signed into law. The act established the state’s Opioid Alternative Pilot Program, which allows certain patients who might be prescribed opioids (or already use them) to use medical cannabis as an alternative.


State officials adopted MicroPact entellitrak to support their Illinois Cannabis Tracking System. ICTS is used to register eligible applicants and coordinate the overall program.


“The vision for the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program is to reduce opioid deaths in Illinois, by giving patients another option for dealing with their conditions,” said Conny Mueller Moody, MBA, Deputy Director, Office of Health Promotion/Medical Cannabis for Illinois. “MicroPact has been a strong partner as we’ve worked to launch the ICTS system, and we’ve relied on its expertise and technology to go live with this program.”


MicroPact is providing licenses, maintenance, and support for ICTS users. The system will run in the cloud and be hosted on AWS, according to MicroPact founder and CEO Kris Collo. “With the strong case management, licensing, and regulatory experience MicroPact brings to the project, entellitrak is an ideal choice to help automate the enrollment in the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program,” Collo added.
Relatedly, MicroPact also provides a low-code app solution to support Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP). MicroPact low-code solutions also support medical marijuana support systems in other states,  enabling agencies to process patient and caregiver applications, renewals, and payments while ensuring efficient registration and enforcement.


MicroPact is also an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network.


MicroPact entellitrak’s ‘Data First’ Approach To Low-Code   

MicroPact entellitrak is a low-code application development platform for case management and business process management. It unifies casework through what it calls a “Data-First’ approach.


Using ‘Data First,” case management solutions built with entellitrak can dynamically adapt to emerging information and conditions better serve agencies than more traditional rigid process-centric systems.


For example, MicroPact entellitrak lets users build a process app using the company data model without coding.  Behind the scenes, the platform will build a code model that matches the data model. In addition, a rich set of APIs makes it easy to bring in capabilities from outside the app – also with a lot of complex coding.


A MicroPact technology white paper on entellitrak put it this way:

By putting Data-First, entellitrak provides a continuous spectrum of case management and business management solutions — giving organizations the flexibility to commence application development initiatives from a variety of starting points. With entellitrak, [users] can begin with a traditional process modeling approach, or, based on existing case data, take a Data-First approach and configure business applications immediately and layer on policies and processes over time.

To further flesh this one, one MicroPact exec told IDN in an earlier interview:

Processes may involve structured or unstructured data, but they always involve data. . .

By employing a method that places data ahead of process, organizations are better able to involve end-users in the design and development of a solution as front-line workers can easily identify the data points that the system should capture. Their participation in the development process in turn helps promote buy-in and system adoption. As a result, organizations are more likely to create a system that provides substantial operational benefits.

Technologically, under the covers, the MicroPact entellitrak low-code platform supports a range of capabilities – from app design, deployment and the ability to work with outside assets.   In specific,


Develop: entellitrak is Java-based, so any Java programmer can work with the platform and avoid “vendor lock-in.”


Deploy: entellitrak can be installed on any application server that supports Java and the JEE framework. Further, it is compatible with virtually all relational databases including SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS. It can also be hosted on-prem or in the cloud.


Integrate: entellitrak can easily connect and integrate with other applications in the enterprise utilizing standard technologies such as web services, an ESB, or directly at API levels.


To further speed implementation, MicroPact also provides more than 20 application accelerators.