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September 20

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Welcome to Registration for: Application Architecture Summit

Modern Application Development
for Digital Business
Title: Application Architecture Summit
Date / Time: September 20, 2018
10am PT / 1pm ET - Online Conference
Attend Online and Learn

Application Architecture Summit is a multi-vendor online event where experts explore application platforms, frameworks and tools for low- hassle and light-speed app development, testing, delivery and updates.

  • Enterprise-Class DevOps is Here
    Seamlessly bridge developers and IT ops. Speed the app lifecycle – from design, launch and testing for on- prem, hybrid or cloud apps.
  • Cloud, Containers & Microservices
    These technologies will fundamentally change how applications are developed and run now – and for the next 5-10 years.
  • Low-Code Development for Faster Builds, Deployments
    Agile model-driven environments that deliver apps more quickly and easily. Eliminate low-level programming; promote reuse.
  • Application Platform as a Service
    Stacked with a rich set of services for Data Integration, Messaging, Testing, Security & Analytics.
  • Hybrid Apps - No Lock-In
    Build or migrate cloud and hybrid apps -- with no fear of vendor lock-in for Data Integration, Messaging, Testing, Security & Analytics.
  • Auto-Scaling at Low Cost
    Let the platform elastically orchestrate re - sources while auto-adjusting costs for time of need.
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