Intelligent Data Summit
An Online Conference

February 22

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Welcome to Registration for: Intelligent Data Summit

Analytics, Apps, IoT & Data
for Success in the Digital Enterprise

Title: Intelligent Data Summit
Date / Time: February 22, 2018 (10am PT / 1pm ET - Online Conference)
Attend Online and Learn

Intelligent Data Summit - is a multi-vendor online event that will explore how data’s 3Vs (volumes, varieties and velocity) create new opportunities for apps and analytics. Learn how fast and easy access to today’s data (structured, unstructured, streaming & machine logs) is becoming more crucial to the data-driven enterprise.

Topics to include:

  • MDM & Data Integrity for the Digital Enterprise
    Control and manage data to deliver analytics, data consistency & business integrity.
  • Analytics, BI & Dashboards for Big ROI
    Today’s “Wow Factors!” for big business value. Self-service, predictive analytics, interactive BI, visualization and more – even in real-time.
  • 2018 Lessons for Securing Critical Data
    Ensure critical data stays safe, encrypted and compliant, anywhere – on-prem, cloud and end-to end. Focus: access brokers, encryption, gateways, identity, masking, SOC and more. No performance trade-offs.
  • Operationalize Your Data To Extend Value
    Capture ‘just-in-time’ value with data fabrics, data pipelines and in-memory solutions. Succeed with fraud detection, IoT, security and more.
  • Get All Your Data Working Together
    Deliver high-performance and scalability for enterprise-caliber Big Data platforms (Hadoop, Spark, etc.).
  • AI and Machine Learning for Intelligent Data
    Trends in how AI and ML are making intelligent data more powerful than ever. Predictive algorithms for business outcomes, customer engagement, security, e-commerce / retail and more.
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