Enterprise Security Summit
An Online Conference

January 25


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Welcome to Registration for: Enterprise Security Summit

Secure APIs, Apps, Data and
End Users for the Digital Enterprise
Title: Enterprise Security Summit
Date / Time: January 25, 2018
10am PT / 1pm ET - Online Conference

Enterprise Security Summit - 
IDN’s multi-vendor online conference where security experts discuss technologies & Best Practices to protect apps, data and end users in the digital enterprise. This online event will examine vulnerabilities and solutions across on-prem, the cloud, mobile, IoT & web.

Attend Online and Learn

  • Data-Centric Security Advances – Secure data-in-use and data-inmotion – without impacting performance. See the latest in data-centric security, encryption, data virtualization and more.
  • End-to-End Hybrid Security – See the latest in ‘unified’ security and management for apps, data & mobile/IoT devices. Seamless security from on-prem to the cloud.
  • Iron-Clad API Security – APIs are becoming a major ingredient in digital enterprises. Manage API attacks, and prevent backdoor intrusions, DDoS or nefarious use.
  • Identity’s Next Wave – Learn to leverage new capabilities for smart identity, SSO, IAM, OAuth, SAML and SSL.
  • Smart Analytics to Predict & Thwart Attacks – See how experts use traffic activity and log data to reveal threats to apps and data. Speakers will review UEBA, threat intelligence, bot detection and machine learning.
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