Intelligent Data Summit
An Online Conference

October 26

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Trends in Big Data

Analytics, Apps & Data

Title: Intelligent Data Summit
Speakers: Dell Boomi, Attunity, Birst, Micro Focus, Reltio, Software AG
Date/Time: October 26, 2017 - 10am PT / 1pm ET - An Online Conference


Dell Boomi

Software AG



Micro Focus

Attend Online and Learn

Intelligent Data Summit - is a multi-vendor online event that will explore how data’s 3Vs (volumes, varieties and velocity) create new opportunities for apps and analytics.  Experts will discuss how fast and easy access to today’s data (structured, unstructured, streaming & machine logs) is becoming more crucial to the data-driven enterprise.

Topics to include:

  • Data-Critical Cloud
    Learn how cloud delivers simplicity, speed and scale for today’s adaptive analytics projects
  • Analytics, BI & Dashboards for Business
    See today’s “Wow Factors!” for visualization, data correlation, heuristics, smarter algorithms and more.
  • Cognitive Computing Brings Value from Dark Data
    80% of unstructured data can’t be used.  See how use new ‘cognitive’ technologies bring undiscovered value from ‘dark data’.   
  • Get All Your Data Working Together
    Ingest, prepare, integrate and correlate varied data sources.  Benefit from federated queries and data virtualization.
  • Trends in Hadoop & Spark
    Deliver high-performance and scalability for enterprise-caliber Big Data platforms (Hadoop, Spark, etc.). 
  • Smart Analytics to Predict & Thwart Attacks
    See how experts use traffic activity and log data to reveal threats to apps and data. Speakers will review UEBA, threat intelligence, bot detection and machine learning.