Axis DMsuite Data Masking Helps Molina Healthcare Automate Data Security

Data masking is growing in popularity, as companies look for more granular ways to balance conflicting needs between clean data, data integration across silos and access security. Molina Healthcare is using Axis Technology’s DMsuite data masking solution to automate the security of over 73,000 sensitive customer records.

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ManageEngine’s IT360 Real-Time Management Adds Enterprise-Class Features, Scale

ManageEngine is adding enterprise-class visibility, control and scale to its IT360 real-time management platform. IDN speaks with ManageEngine President Raj Sabhlok. 

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Flow Corp. Updates Cloud-Based Info Stream Management Solution

Flow Corp. is making available an enhanced Enterprise Stream Management solution aimed at helping organizations distribute information from numerous sources that employees, customers and business partners need when they need it.

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CSC Ships Solution To Assist Machine-to-Machine Devs

A new technology from CSC is makes it easier to develop and deploy machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. CSC’s OmniLocation MachinEdge lets devs create custom apps in days, and helps organizations quickly and effectively new integrate M2M technologies for business analytics.

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Bromium Rolls Out Enhanced vSentry for Endpoint Security

Enterprise security company Bromium Inc. is shipping an update to its vSentry endpoint security solution. vSentry 2.0 automatically protects against malware and other attacks, allowing users to access and edit email, documents, applications or other content without having to trust it. 

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Parasoft Updates Service Virtualization To Speed Dev and Test for Mainframe, Complex Systems

Parasoft is shipping its latest upgrade to its Service Virtualization solution with more features to cut costs and reduce the difficulty of developing and testing complex mainframe and distributed systems. Parasoft Service Virtualization aims to help dev and QA teams access any test environment – anytime and anywhere.

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SOA Software’s API Gateway Unifies, Integrates Core API Project Capabilities

This month, SOA Software continues to expand its API-focused portfolio with a unified and integrated API Gateway. It provides a flexible virtual and cloud appliance to speed up the design and launch of API projects with bundled security, integration and a developer community portal. IDN speaks with SOA Software CTO Alistair Farquharson.

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Survey: Big Data, Cloud Drive White Hot Use of In-Memory Databases

Cloud and big data projects are driving a white hot adoption of in-memory databases, according to a survey just released by Evans Data Corp. a leading dev researcher.   The number of devs using in-memory DBs is up 40 percent since just last fall and the survey expects that number will grow rapidly.   

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SIIA Survey: Data Analytics, Mobile, Social May Get Bigger Budgets in 2013

The Software & Information Industry Association has released its annual survey about adoption of key IT technologies and a range of opportunities and challenges in some of today’s hottest sectors, including Big Data, Cloud and Mobile. IDN takes a quick look.

Full Story > Taps Cloud-Based Veracode To Improve Code Security Across SDLC

Build,com is looking to more quickly and easily detect and plug application bugs and vulnerabilities by automating key elements of its application testing. The company bringing Veracode’s cloud-based application security testing solution into its software development lifecycle. 

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Survey: Serena Finds Speed, Business Alignment Top 2013 AppDev Priorities

For 2013, enterprise IT priorities are changing, according to a study released by Serena Software. This year, IT intends to focus on delivering applications faster and better align IT to business goals. Last year, the move to mobile and cloud were the top goals. IDN talks with Serena’s senior product marketing manager Miguel Tam.

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Serena Offers 2013 Predictions for SDLC, Operations and Orchestrated IT

Serena Software execs are starting out 2013 with three key predictions for how clouds and self-service trends will change the way architects and devs will approach to IT lifecycles. IDN speaks with Serena Software’s senior vice president David Hurwitz. 

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