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Oracle TopLink 11g Strengthens Ties with WebLogic, ADF

To ease infrastructure development projects, Oracle Corp. is shipping Oracle TopLink 11g, with tighter support for WebLogic Server and open Java frameworks, including Oracle's Application Development Framework. TopLink is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

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WaveMaker Ships ‘Point-and-Click’ Web 2.0 Tool

WaveMaker is shipping an upgrade to its popular open source development tool that allows devs to build and deploy sleek, snazzy Web 2.0 applications with a handful of mouse clicks - and no coding.

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Solaris 10 Lift-off Event Set for Nov. 15

The countdown to Solaris 10, and notably Sun's first Open Source release of its core operating system, has officially begun. Sun execs confirm formal briefings on Solaris 10 will be held Nov. 15. In the meantime, Integration Developer News gets the latest insights from Jack O'Brien, Sun's Group Manager, x86 and Operating Systems.

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Commercial Developer’s Guide to Open Source Licenses

Many commercial developers are becoming more interested in marrying Open Source with their commercial .NET, Java and legacy assets. But, navigating Open Source licensing can be confusing for enterprise developers, as there are more than 40 licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) to chose from. On the eve of the O'Reilly Open Source Conference, IDN talks to some famous Open Source execs to get a rundown on the most popular licensing options.

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W3C Proposes Flexibility on Royalty-Free Policy

The W3C, concerned that some of its work on web services standards could slow, last week began searching for a flexible compromise on the controversial plan to allow only royalty-free technologies to be considered as standards. While W3C insists the new plan keeps the RF preferences in place, the body wants to provide flexibility on a case-by-case basis. See the plan.

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Microsoft Ponders Full Reuse License for CE, Rotor Work

Microsoft licensing execs may soon allow developers to truly profit from the work they do cleaning up and improving Microsoft's CE and Rotor code, the head of Microsoft's Shared Source program Jason Matusow told Integration Developer News. Learn how you might profit from Microsoft's plan to launch a "non-commercial derivative license" program for CE and Rotor.

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