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WSO2 Launches WSO2 Business Rules Server

Open Source integration provider WSO2 is shipping a business rules server aimed at letting companies quickly and easily create, access, and manage business rules within an SOA framework.  WSO2 Business Rules Server (BRS) delivers a tool for separating business logic from underlying infrastructure code. 

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MuleSoft Ships Management Console for Open Source ESB

MuleSoft is bringing a new level of management to integration architects using the Mule open source ESB.  The just-released Mule ESB Management Console offers web-based UI console for centralized views of multiple ESB server instances, message flow debugger, and intelligent alerting against SLA violations.

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JBoss Updates Open Source SOA Platform for BRMS, Cloud

Red Hat is shipping JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.0, an upgrade to its foundation open source SOA ESB-based platform with new support for business rules and cloud connectivity to allow IT to more quickly respond to growing integration requirements.

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“Connectivity 2.0” To Fuel More Intelligent, Scalable SOA

The next wave of infrastructure dubbed “Connectivity 2.0” is helping enterprises transform departmental ESBs, SOA and Cloud projects into an integrated fabric of intelligence, agility, control and adaptability, according to Marc-Thomas Schmidt, IBM Chief Architect for SOA Connectivity.  He and some 150 fellow IBM experts will discuss Connectivity 2.0 at Impact 2010 in May.

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IBM Chief Architect: 5 Keys To Boosting SOA Efficiencies

Even as a slow economy pressures IT budgets and staffs, a top IBM architect says customers can do “a lot…to accelerate the value of SOA.”  Rob High, Chief Architect for IBM’s SOA Foundation, shares SOA success tips at Impact2010, May 2-7 in Las Vegas.

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Analysis: A Look at Oracle-Sun's Impact on 'Horizontal' Integration

Oracle Corp. officially closed its $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems on Wednesday. IDN offers a look at how the “vertical integration” of Oracle-Sun will impact horizontal integration, as well as a review of Oracle’s horizontal integration plans for Java, app servers, SOA and cloud.

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MuleSoft Ships Mule MQ for High Performance JMS Messaging

MuleSoft is shipping Mule MQ, a fast messaging platform for Web applications and enterprise SOA.  Mule MQ is fully compliant with the latest Java Message Service spec, and can be run standalone or as a plug-in with the open source Mule ESB

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Sun Microsystems Ships GlassFish Enterprise Server v3

Sun Microsystems Inc. is shipping GlassFish Enterprise Server v3, the latest update of its Java EE-based application server and core component of Sun’s GlassFish ESB.

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MuleSoft Enhances Tomcat for Web Apps Integration

MuleSoft, creators of the Mule ESB, are shipping its MuleSoft Tcat Server, a lightweight approach based on Apache Tomcat to support web application integration without heavy J2EE-based stacks.  IDN speaks with MuleSoft’s top execs about the architecture and product features.

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Sun Updates GlassFish Communications Server for Telecom

Sun Microsystems Inc. is shipping an upgrade to its Sun GlassFish Communications Server an open source, high performance SOA-based service delivery platform for telecom.  GCS 2.0 is based on a Java EE application server that combines SOA / web services capabilities with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) servlets.

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ESB-CON: Hear 3 Top Integration CTOs on August 20

On August 20, the industry's top CTOs for ESB and SOA will speak at the next edition of the online ESB-CON conference series. ESB-CON 8 features IBM WebSphere CTO Jerry Cuomo, Progress Software CTO Hub Vandervoort and Sun Microsystems CTO for SOA and Integration, in two-hours of discussion and Q&A on how next-generation ESBs and intelligent integration are unlocking business value for F1000 firms.

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Sabre Holdings Standardizes on FUSE Open Source ESB

Sabre Holdings, parent of the world-renown Sabre travel reservation system and, will standardize on Progress Software's FUSE open source ESB for real-time integration and SOA with its B2B partners.

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You've Got an ESB. But Lost in Transactions?

Adapt and respond dynamically with ESBs and ILOG Business Rules

  • Marc-Thomas Schmidt - Distinguished Engineer and IBM Chief Architect SOA Connectivity

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  • Bruce Tierney - Product Director for Oracle Fusion Middleware Software - focusing on Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus 

ESB-CON 2010: Case Study Keynote

Expert Speakers:

  • IBM: Marc-Thomas Schmidt - Distinguished Engineer and IBM Chief Architect SOA Connectivity
  • Oracle: Bruce Tierney - Product Director for Oracle Fusion Middleware Software

API, Workflow and Application Integration for .NET Developers

  • Marty Wasznicky - Vice President

Using Neuron ESB and Docker to Develop and Deploy Microservices

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  • Manoj Talreja - Development Manager