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Get the Most from JavaOne 2005

JavaOne 2005 could be one of the toughest -- or most exciting -- in years. Analysts say F2000 firms are asking hard questions about their Java/J2EE spending. Winning Java/J2EE firms will be those that can: (1) ease integration, (2) speed deployment, (3) improve security and management. See how to leverage the most from your JavaOne spending - at the show and for the rest of the year.

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Java Interop “Critical,” Says Eclipse Exec

Eclipse Executive Director Mike Milinkovich says that Java interoperability with other languages, including XML and .NET, will be key to Java's continued enterprise success. But, in an interview with IDN, Milinkovich stated that Eclipse will remain focused on developer tooling issues -- and not take up any interoperability solutions that might stray into "runtime' technologies.

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5 Ways To Unlock XML's Integration Power

A growing number of devs are finding benefits in learning hands-on XML skills. For example, devs at Quadrix Solutions have found that the more devs know about XML, they have in their hands the best "applications glue" they've ever worked with. Take a look at 5 steps that can help you unlock the power of XML for integration.

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Web Services 2005 -- Five Keys Unlock the Gate

Sun's vice president of Java's web services and tools says open web services are at a crossroads in 2005, and posits that there are five (5) keys that would fully unlock the power of these new, open technologies. Notably, Keller says, XML has the power to create a vast array of portable data options. He also says multi-vendor co-operation on a number of fronts, spurred by end user pressures, may unlock web services full power.

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Borland: Tools & Schools To Speed Results

Borland is poised to deliver a new approach to tools platforms and dev training that could make it tons easier for IT and business to deliver succesful software projects on time, and under budget. See more about Borland's role-based approach to technology, training and Best Practices.

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Spyware Concerns on the Rise in 2005

One of the first security surveys of developers and IT pros in 2005 finds spyware on their list of top concerns this year. Two-thirds of respondents said this year spyware would present a greater threat than viruses or phishing. Notably, end users still don't know what spyware is, or how to identify it. Get prepared with stats and tips.

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Inside WS-Security -- A Developer's View

As the WS-I's Basic Security Working Group convenes this week, IDN takes an in-depth developers' look at WS-Security, a top proposal before BSWG. IDN spoke with Steven Van Roekel, a Microsoft web services director, and one of the co-authors WS-Security with IBM, Versign and others. He details the vision and benefits of the proposal, discusses how developers could implement it, what cross-platform features exist and are planned, and how WS-Security backers are working with other camps.

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Borland University Looks to Spring Debut

Borland Corp. will cut the ribbon on Borland University as early as this spring, bringing a new, solutions-driven focus to IT technical training. Get a peek at what educational assets Borland U. will bring to boost success rates for complex IT projects, and how architects and devs could gain skills to play more strategic -- and valuable -- roles.

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Open Integration Tools Upgrade Due in March

Developers at the University of Illinois are working on a major upgrade to their Java-based OpenEAI project, an Open Source alternative to expensive and proprietary ERP/EAI middleware solutions. The OpenEAI framework 4.0 is due for release in March, and sports a wide array of integration-enabling templates, business workflow rules and components for Java, XML and ERP APIs. Get an overview, and the free download.

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Meta Group's 6 'Musts' for BPM Tools

Architects and devs frustrated by a fragmented BPM market of more than 140 different tools may finally get some relief in 2005. The Meta Group's new report shows CIOs, architects and devs the Top 6 features to look for in a business process management solution. Review the checklist.

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Surveys See .NET Rise for Legacy Integration

A pair of recent surveys of IT execs expect 2005 will see many shops with COBOL/RPG legacy systems seriously review .NET-based middleware options will give Java a run for its money in offering effective and low-cost ways to integrate legacy apps and data into web applications and web services.

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2005 Will See XML's Powerful Next Wave

Execs watching the XML space say that architects and devs are lining up to learn more about using XML for data integration and doc sharing. The result: 2005's next wave of open XML standards and tools, including XQuery, will cut integration costs and time for building complex data portals and allowing cross-database queries. See what's coming up.

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