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Information Builders Marries Ajax, BI

Information Builders is marrying Ajax to its line of WebFocus business integration platform to provide a thin-client approach to custom business reporting. The technology, announced this week, will be available later this year. IDN takes a quick peek and how BI and Ajax may push business demand for both among end users, creating new dev opportunities.

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Artix 4.0 Takes a Bite Our of MOM Costs

Artix 4.0, the ESB upgrade from Iona, takes another step forward in its vision to craft a set of plumbing, framework, and tools to let enterprise IT easily share services end-to-end across multiple platforms -- including J2EE-to-.NET, J2EE app servers, proprietary middlewares and even to the mainframe. IDN looks at the Artix 4.0 upgrade features getting user attention.

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Survey: ESBs, SOAs Enpower Integration Devs

A recent survey by the Butler Group is finding that ESB/SOA capabilities to allow services, data and business logic to more easily interact is changing the tone of BPM and EAI discussions. And, while the survey finds increased willingness to invest in ESBs/SOA, that trend may not float all boats. IDN takes a quick look at the study.

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IT Support for Geronimo J2EE Heats Up

Covalent Technologies' CEO Mark Brewer spoke with IDN about the trends his is seeing in Geronimo adoption and use among larger corporate IT shops. To date, Covalent has some 400 commercial clients using Apache, Tomcat and AXIS throughout their enterprise. It turns out, Geronimo is not just less expensive than commercial J2EE solutions, it is also less complicated. And, users like both.

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Eclipse IDE Gains More Members, Plug-ins

The Eclipse IDE has a wave of new members, plug-ins and core technology contributions. The latest Eclipse offerings, which debuted or were announced at last month's EclipseCon, offer support for debugging, business intelligence, build management, prototyping, and even plans to add modeling UIs and forms. IDN provides a shopping list and links to all the free downloads, where available.

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Health Firms Target Smart Data Integration

A visionary group of IT and health care professionals are crafting a new approach to interop and integration of medical data between providers. The project could even improve patient access to their own medical data. IDN looks at health care IT's latest champions, who say the semantic web will provide better cross-platform data access that will be good for providers, patients and could even lower health care costs.

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Survey: 2006 Brighter for Dev, Architect Jobs

After some dry years, software architects and devs in 2006 may see their biggest up ticks in salaries since the bubble burst, according to a leading IT recruiter. But, more money will mean more work. Among the big winners: professionals who can bridge high-tech and business needs using web-to-legacy integration, analytics, SOA and security.

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Microsoft Ships Go Lives for VSTS, WinFX

It has been a busy 2006 so far for Microsoft developers. Last month, Microsoft shipped go live versions for several key WinFX technologies, including Windows Communications Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation. Moreover, this week devs can get their hands on the latest go-live version of Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Team Foundation Server, Microsoft execs said at VS Live.

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Avoid Mobile Enterprise Dev Hazards - I

Devs facing the task of mobilizing their existing applications need to adjust their current enterprise integration approach, according to a growing number of enterprise wireless experts, IDN gets top advice for senior mobile dev execs from Intel, IBM and others in this 2-part series.

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Dev Jobs Outlook Bright for 2006

In 2006, salaries for software architects and devs may finally see their biggest up ticks since the bubble burst, according to CIO surveys conducted by a leading international IT recruiter. But, with higher salaries will come bigger workloads. Among the big winners: professionals who can bridge high-tech and business needs using web-to-legacy integration, analytics, SOA and security.

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ESB-CON: Rescheduled for March 2

ESB-CON Due Diligence Day, to be held March 2006, will bring together for the first time in one place top players in the ESB space to deliver their vision of how ESBs can transform SOA and Enterprise IT. ESB-CON is a one-day online Virtual Conference and Technology Showcase for Enterprise Service Bus technologies.

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Survey: IT Pay Outlook Mixed for '06

Despite signs that new high-tech projects, such as SOA and web services, are gaining steam, salaries may have peaked for many IT professionals. Take a look at the Enterprise Systems 2005 IT Salary Survey, and see the signs it points to for '06.

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