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Survey Finds Momentum for Dual Java/.NET Strategy

It's the best of times and, perhaps, the most cooperative of times for developers working inside companies that have committed to web services projects. See why European IT researcher Quocirca said that more than 1-in-3 enterprises plan to have a dual Java and .NET strategy for their web services projects. Hint: Keeping life-cycle costs down is a major motivator.

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Developers Using XML for Real Time Data Access

A recent study by a leading developer-focused research firm is finding that XML is gaining steam for certain mission-critical data access projects. See why Evans Data Corp. says almost half of all devs surveyed are working on some data integration-related project using XML.

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XMLSPY Deepens Ties with J2EE, .NET Devs

Altova Inc. continues to broaden its outreach for XMLSPY to both the Java and .NET devs. This week, IDN looks in-depth at news Altova will integrate XMLSPY with BEA Weblogic Workshop, as well as Altova's plans for later this year to marry its XML technologies with Microsoft's .NET tools and platforms. We also take a long-range look at why vendors are becoming more and more interested in XMLSPY and other XML development tools.

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UML Certification Offered to Worldwide Devs

Devs looking to get a leg-up in modeling for XML and web services might consider participating in a first-of-its-kind worldwide certification program for UML launched by the Object Management Group (OMG) and the UML Technology Institute (UTI). IDN spoke to the OMG exec running the program to find out why devs are knocking down the door to take the test, and what it means for the future.

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W3C Issues Latest XQuery Draft 1.0 Standard

Late last week, the W3C released the latest working draft for an XQuery 1.0 standard. The release of the document marks the latest steps among a variety of software vendors -- application, database and tools -- to agree on a common standard for querying XML data and documents. The latest draft, which follows the submission of an XQuery test suite co-developed by Microsoft and IBM, also reflects collaboration with technicians from Oracle, BEA, Bell Labs and others. See why we're on the brink of an XQuery 1.0 spec.

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Sun, Microsoft Seek to Embrace Dynamic Scripting

Microsoft and Sun, in two separate initiatives, are reaching out to the dynamic scripting language communities, including popular Open Source options PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby to improve the native support for such technologies in .NET and Java. IDN talks with the men behind both initiatives, and finds out how such support could speed prototyping, web services development and integration for .NET and Java.

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Interoperability Guide to WS-I Basic Profile

The first formal docs for building integratable -- and interoperable -- web services are available free from the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I). IDN goes in-depth on the WS-I Basic Profile, to show devs how they can best use the docs, which reflects 1000s of hours of development and testing by teams from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle among others.

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Visual Studio 2004 to Speed Programming, Integration

Microsoft's 2004 plans for Visual Studio a.k.a. Whidbey include better tools for XML, data access, performance tuning and code reuse -- key areas geared to make devs more efficient programmers and better integrators. It will also support new WSE (Web Services Extensions) upgrades. For a drill-down view of Whidbey, IDN spoke with Microsoft's Ari Bixhorn, Visual Studio's Lead Product Manager.

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BEA Confronts J2EE Productivity, Integration Gaps

With the release last week of WebLogic 8.1 and associated tools, BEA Systems, one of the vendors credited with inventing the J2EE app server space, says it's time for Java/J2EE devs to examine how to more efficiently build, manage and integrate their complex code. IDN spoke with BEA execs, users and analysts to see just how BEA is filling in what they see as J2EE productivity gaps.

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OptimalJ Taps Modeling to Speed Complex Java Projects

Recent studies by The Middleware Company and EDS found that traditional Java/J2EE development practices are too inefficient to be used for many dev projects. So, Compuware Corp.'s latest upgrade to its OptimalJ enterprise development environment adds features to reduce the code delays and expenses that Java/J2EE developers face daily during testing, integration and implementation. Compuware has a similar commitment to bring MDA to .NET is on the drawing board. See how modeling has been brought down to earth to build efficiencies.

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Inside Whidbey: Microsoft’s View for Visual Studio 2004

This week, Microsoft offered devs a sneak peek and a roadmap for its 2004 edition of Visual Studio (a.k.a. Whidbey). The company also unveiled a revamped program to promote partnerships with smaller dev shops and ISVs. In sum, the tools, technologies and outreach are all geared toward making devs more efficient and better integrators. To give you a deeper view, IDN spoke with Microsoft's Ari Bixhorn, Visual Studio's Lead Product Manager.

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Netware 6.5 Marks Novell’s “Open Integration” Push

As Novell preps for the release of Netware 6.5, the company is poised to become the latest in a growing line of commercial software firms looking to provide devs with Shared Source/Open Source code access. Take a look at how Novell wants to broaden dev abilities to access source code and integrate it with their legacy systems.

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