Reveal Group Rolls Out Three New RPA SaaS Offerings

Reveal Group is offering three new SaaS-based Robotic Process Automation options. IDN looks at the latest SaaS-based Reveal options now available to work with Blue Prism RPA.

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Reveal Group, a partner with top RPA provider Blue Prism is offering three new SaaS-based Robotic Process Automation options.  Reveal RoboSuite gives organizations acceleration tools


Reveal Group’s latest RoboSuite offerings align with the company’s strategy to enable companies to “automate better” via rapid and low-cost RPA implementations, said Reveal Group CEO Ian Crouch. 


“RoboSuite is creating the second generation of RPA. These tools are significantly reducing the effort and skill-level required to automate processes while improving quality, re-usability and adherence to best practice. . . Our market testing confirms RoboSuite helps customers actually realize results commensurate with the original promise of RPA,” Crouch said in a statement. 


Reveal Group is a Blue Prism Platinum Capability Partner. [Reveal engineers are also working on RoboSuite options to work with other leading RPA platforms, company officials said.] 


The three new RoboSuite offerings include  


Reveal RoboDesigner: Reveal RoboDesigner automates object development to saves configuration time and effort. It instantly creates automation components that comply with best practice standards. 


RoboDesigner, allows organizations to create automation components automatically. Users simply upload design documents and RoboDesigner is designed to generate new objects from scratch. With automation and best practices, it can improve efficiencies by as much as 30%, thanks to eliminating rework, reducing support costs and accelerating the delivery of projects. 


RoboDesigner, in partnership with Blue Prism, uses the latest best practice RPA component templates to ensure configurations will be built consistently.  
Reveal RoboReview: Reveal RoboReview provides intelligent code reviews on-demand. Further, proactive self-service checks support automation and lets teams generate instant feedback. This is also in line with Blue Prism's best practices. 


RoboReview is designed to be helpful to RPA beginners, as well as seasoned RPA users. To implement, users simply upload their code package to RoboReview, which will review it and deliver rapid and actionable feedback.  As an example, RoboReview doesn't only tell users where their configurations can be improved. The build review checklists will also provide users precise details on how and where improvements can be made. 


For experienced users, delivery leads using RoboReview no longer need have to review each process click-by-click, freeing them to focus on what matters. With a more self-service, automated approach, developers can have their code reviewed on-demand, as often as they like.


Reveal RoboManager: Reveal RoboManager empowers enterprises with end-to-end, real-time visibility of their RPA programs. This allows members of an automation team to coordinate efforts that will perform each step -- identify, prioritize, build, and realize benefits from quality automated solutions. 


In specific: RoboManager supports these tasks: 

Identify: Comprehensive templates solicit and find automation opportunities across your entire company.


Prioritize: Users can prioritize automation opportunities by the ability to put them in the context of all company programs. 


Build: Users can auto-generate the work plan, as well as and track the progress of tasks and projects because users can be assured their data is always up to date.


Realize: These capabilities put all members of an automation team on the same page, enabling each to measure, validate and realize program benefits using real-time, visual data.

Blue Prism’s Executive Chairman Jason Kingdon commented on Reveal Group’s latest offerings: 


“Reveal Group has confirmed itself as a leading Blue Prism partner. Their depth of experience and on-going quest to drive best practices has seen them remain at the forefront of the deploying and scaling Blue Prism. We endorse their innovations and encourage our customers to trial RoboSuite through the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX).”


The Blue Prism DX is an online ‘app store’ for finding and downloading pre-built disruptive technologies and applying them to Blue Prism process automation powered by AI, cognitive and advanced RPA technologies.