Denodo Brings Data Virtualization to Google Cloud Platform To Speed Hybrid, Cloud Projects

As enterprises move data and processing to the cloud or multiple clouds, they are looking for faster and reliable access to their data. Denodo has released data virtualization for Google Cloud Platform users to speed and simplify data-centric projects. 

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As enterprises move data and processing to the cloud or multiple clouds, they are looking for faster and reliable access to their data. Denodo is bringing data virtualization capabilities to users of Google Cloud Platform


Denodo Platform on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a subscription-based system on GCP, designed to provide enterprises “organizational-level data management” solutions, according to Denodo’s senior vice president and CMO Ravi Shankar. 


Denodo for GCP makes it easier for enterprises to transfer data from Google cloud to accelerate projects for cloud data, analytics and data lakes. Further, Denodo for GCP sports real-time data availability features, which eliminate the cost and complexities of data replication and data integration.  


“The Denodo Platform combines real-time data interoperability with semantically-consistent data delivery, to make it easier for customers to transition to BigQuery and Google Cloud’s on-demand storage to increase efficiency and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives,” Shankar added in a statement.

Easy Access to a Wide Access of Data.  With Denodo, users can collect, combine, and consume data from several sources. These sources include Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and other Google Cloud Data Services.  Denodo’s data-centric approach supports delivery of real-time analytics, AI/ML and enterprise-wide data management.


Access to Big Data.  Thanks to Denodo’s enhanced BigQuery connectivity, users can process high-workloads with better efficiency.  In addition, users of Google Cloud services can more easily integrate and interchange data from various sources.


Improved Data Portability. Users can leverage on-premise, cloud, and multi-cloud data storage. The Denodo platform delivers real-time data access via the BigQuery cloud-native API to enable smooth data moments between data sources.


Faster Execution of Data Queries. The Denodo platform on the cloud supports advanced optimization of queries. Due to improved data portability, the execution of queries will become faster and more intelligent.


Flexible Packaging and Costing. Denodo offers user packs that can be optimized and utility-based through several offerings in the Google Cloud Service marketplace. Organizations can start with smaller data packs and they can be scaled according to their needs.

In a detailed post at Denodo’s Data Virtualization Blog, Denodo’s senior cloud product manager Mitesh Shah detailed some typical business challenges that GCP users come across - and how the Denodo Platform can help.

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS): Information agility and provisioning is a key data distribution model in which a variety of data (structured and semi-structured) across Google cloud storage and web services can be made available to users via an API endpoint. Denodo API support can help expose this data in a centralized manner, streamlining the DaaS model.


Simplifying Cloud Migration (Data warehouse modernization or data lake creation): Data virtualization acts as a common access point for both internal and external data sources, data warehouse modernization using Google BigQuery, and Google DataProc, providing a single schema with no replication: Virtual data lakes enable the combination of data across sources, regardless of type or location, enabling the definition of a common semantic model across disparate sources.


Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) and Data Science in the CloudWith the Denodo Platform for GCP, customers can leverage the Denodo Platform’s data catalog to search and tag the right datasets for analytics and ML projects. This will also help data scientists to combine data stored in the virtual data lake and data virtualization layer to build models in a quick and easy manner, putting cloud elasticity to work, and using the data lineage capabilities of the  Denodo Platform to access all of the data in a governed fashion.

Even Google itself highlights several benefits from working with Denodo

The Denodo Platform integrates all of your on-premise data sources (relational databases, data warehouses, CSVs, and more), cloud data sources (Big Query, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Bigtable, Apigee and more), your SaaS applications, such as Salesforce, to deliver a standards-based data gateway making it quick and easy for users of all skill levels to access and use your data.

Denodo's easy-to-use tools allow data engineers and integrators to quickly prepare integrated data sets for analysts to use in their GCP-based analytical sandbox, while Denodo's dynamic data catalog allows data stewards tag and categorize data assets for easy discovery.

The Denodo Platform delivers accelerated performance by leveraging MPP processing with Spark, Impala, and Presto, in Big Data scenarios, together with a dynamic data catalog so that users can easily find the data that they need.

Using Denodo as a Cloud data gateway enables advanced analytical use cases such as analytical sandboxes, Customer 360 analytics; Cloud data catalogs; Data Science(ML/AI); Data Services; as well as simplifying hybrid data architectures for users.

Denodo Test Drives are available here. There is no charge for demonstration, education, and evaluation purposes.